Funk volume has their first challenger- Horseshoe Gang!

Funk Volume horseshoe gang

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Funk Volume Contest and there’s been a group that’s already down for the $500K challenge!

During the Sway Show when the challenge was announced Industry veteran Mike Trampe (Kendrick Lamar’s promotional manager) called into the show suggesting Horseshoe Gang and KXNG Crooked.

Jarren Brenton (one of the members with Funk Volume up for the challenge) jumped to saying that Horseshoe Gang is “Hella Dope” but Hopsin wasn’t going to compliment them freely like Jarren did but say:

“Anybody in Human existence can stand in front of us. And we would demolish them”- Hopsin

After that being said Horseshoe Gang along with KXNG CROOKED stepped right into the studio to record a Funk Volume diss track titled “Half a Metal” produced by DJ Khalil (Major producer in the mainstream hip-hop industry)

Do y’all think Horseshoe Gang and KXING CROOKED has what it takes to take on Funk Volume? More credit to them being the first to step up with a killer diss track!

What’s everyone’s idea on Horseshoe gang and KXNG CROOKED stepping up?

Who do YOU think who should step up for the challenge?

I say Slo Pain and LSP should step up for the challenge!

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