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Hosstyle Crew : True Juggalo Family Exclusive

Check it out Juggalos and Juggalettes, Majik Ninjas, Killer Klownz and Scrubalos!

Last weekend at the Unsubs  US Tour 2016 from Lyrikal Snuff Productions, we got to link up with the homies from Urban Myth Records and Big Hoss only to find out they’ve got a new group called Hosstyle Crew. This new group is under Big Hoss and Saint Dog’s label called UScircleA Records. Syniister and VD have been working solid together for three years under the label which also includes A.D.D The Emcee, Twan el Profeta, T.Starks, and TomKat to name a few. Bringing in Big Hoss from the Kottonmouth Kings Family takes us to a whole ‘notha level! Big Hoss said, “I realized in my mind that I like these guys you know they got talent man, they’re focused you know, nobody is running on greed here. Everyone’s doing it for the love of music.” Big Hoss has been Down with the Krown since the beginning. I asked Syniister how this freshness came about, he said, “Our styles meshed well and from the first time we met up everything just clicked. We decided to lay down a track just to see how it would come out and pretty much after that it was a wrap and Hosstyle Crew was made official.” These three killaz have been on the scene for hella years and now is the time to show them the love they deserve. The Southern California Juggalos know them well and now we want to share this Killa Cali flavor with as many who recognize raw talent (like yourself). The full album is projected to be released by the end of this year. This is only the beginning and we can’t wait to see what is in store. You can count on True Juggalo Family to keep you updated on any more singles, special messages or music videos from this new and exciting venture! Be sure to get yourself a free little taste of their first single “Strong Foot Forward”.


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