Strange Music’s CEO Travis O’Guin


Travis O’Guin is the CEO of Strange Music and was interviewed by Hot New Hip Hop and reported by Danny Shwarts yesterday on July 28th.  Travis O’Guin started out at seventeen as a furniture businessman and built himself up.  He had thirty-two locations in eighteen states.  From there he used his profits and invested into other business opportunities such as real estate and urban apparel.  He met Tech N9ne through a business called Paradise Originals where they did stage clothes together.

Travis O’Guin has always liked hip hop music and found Tech N9ne amazing with an out-of-here talent.

“It was my intention to meet up with him and maybe give him some business advice.”

techn9neIt was through that intention that Travis O’Guin got into the music business.  It started off with Tech N9ne having six different people acting as his manager.  Once Travis O’Guin sat down with Tech N9ne and heard his story, he was uninterested because it would take time, money, lawyers, and many other factors to set up Tech.  However, after hearing another of Tech’s songs, O’Guin asked Tech what he wanted to do.  Tech told O’Guin about his idea of having a music label and his love for strange music and that if he had a music label, he’d call it Strange Music.  That was the beginning of Strange Music Records.

It took a year to get everything situated.  O’Guin wanted the business to be formed by Japaneses Philosophy.  Through the philosophy, they went and built their own studio instead of making their music out of another’s studio, along with having their own merchandise equipment within their building.

In the interview, Travis O’Guin describes his other business relationships and how he’s been cheated on and has lost money in other deals he’s made.  He talks about how he questioned if he was going in the right direction by starting Strange Music Record because of previous mistakes he’s made.  He then explains about all the situations he’s been in.Travis-O-Guin1

From where they started in 2006, Strange Music has come a long way in nine years.

“Nine years can seem like a really long time or it can seem like yesterday, and to me, it kind of seems like both.”

“Nothing can stop us.”

Travis O’Guin tells Hot New Hip Hop about how hard it was to get venues and clubs to take Tech N9ne because they automatically assumed he was a gangster rapper, all because of his name.  O’Guin had to make deals with people to give Tech N9ne a place to perform during his tour, and once the gig was over, each of those club owners would call back, begging for O’Guin to bring Tech back due to the respect and politeness O’Guin’s crew portrayed, behaving well and being on time during each performance.

At the end of the interview, O’Guin tells Hot New Hip Hop the foundations of making the music and how, the first 20% is the most important as it’s the very foundation, and it’s the last 80% that most musicians make the mistake in.

“Everything is based around music.”





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