how to kill a hater

How to Kill a Hater the Juggalo Way

If you’re a Juggalo you have haters. Actually, the fact that you are hated generally leads one to being a Juggalo. We are the scrubs and underdogs the world loves to hate or, at least, brainwashed into hating. Mainstream media which directs our society’s thinking makes anything unique a spectacle not worth respect. Well, even though a hater won’t ever show you respect, your self respect can kill them.

Now, the reason a hater’s words cut so deep is because they are stabbing at an already open, festering wound. Wounded flesh is sensitive. Their words, though you don’t agree, hit some kind of nerve or rather fear. If the fear was dead the insult wouldn’t be so hurtful. Once you get over your own fears and self doubt you disarm the hater.

Once you get over the horrible fears of self-doubt, no put down or negativity can hurt you. You become an invincible shield to those insult arrows. They become meaningless and thus powerless. Instead of erupting in anger and retaliation you laugh at their stupidity.

haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate, because they are miserable people. Successful people don’t tend to go out of their way to make another human being miserable since they are too busy being awesome. Haters are miserable people wanting to bring others down for misery loves company.

The realization that their argument has no leg to stand on should add to your confidence. Keep your cool and troll their ass laughing like a lunatic all the while.

2-Step Process to Kill a Hater

  1. When you see/hear that hater comment, Don’t react! Don’t Panic! Feel the hate, anger, resentment, etc, but be aware what these feelings are doing to your body and mind. Be mindful of the thoughts it creates and judge your thoughts and feelings. It won’t necessarily take the emotions away, but it will start you down the path of understanding them opposed to just giving in to the emotional impulses which only make matters worse.
  2. Once you’re grounded and realize you’re the shit and they are full of shit think logically about how to respond to the hate. The best response being LLAL. But, really any response constructed while at peace with your demons allows you to tap into your Juggalo creativity to give a come back so humorous and insulting they leave the conversation with their tail between their legs. Or you can just state your loyalty and love for ICP and all things Juggalo. The fact they didn’t make you question yourself will kill them too.

An Example of How to Kill a Hater from TFJ’s Editor-in-Cheif

how to kill a hater

Whoop! Whoop! That’s the Death of a Hater. Keep it wicked, fam!

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