Hulk Hogan “the Immortal One”Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is now known as “the Immortal One.”  This week, Hogan was referred to as “the Immortal One,” when JBL, a WWE commentator, mentioned who the Undertaker won one of his titles from.  The Undertaker’s first title came from Hogan 24 years ago during the 1991 Survivor Series, which was held on November 27th.

Along with being referred to as “the Immortal One,” Hogan‘s history has been greatly omitted from any content dealing with WWE due to this past summer’s racial comments.  As an example, his name is still not listed for the WWE Hall of Fame.  Although, Hogan seems to be taking it in stride as he pokes some fun at his new nickname via Twitter.


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