Hulk Hogan Remains Hopeful on HOF Return

Hulk Hogan

Legendary Hulk Hogan was kicked out of the WWE Hall Of Fame recently over what Hogan calls “a glitch; it was a huge mistake”.  You might remember back in July, audio surfaced of Hulk Hogan going on a racist rant regarding his daughter, Brooke’s boyfriend.

Hogan has been on several talk shows since in a very apologetic tone.  Recently he was on UT Ireland‘s The Morning Sofa where he talks about his reget, and keeping hope that one day the WWE will let him come “home” and allow Hulk Hogan to return to the WWE Hall Of Fame.  I haven’t been able to find video of the appearance but here are some quote from the show on that incident and Q&A sessions he has been doing with fans.


“Even the WWE, they’ve known me 35 years, they know I’m not a racist. They’re in a politically correct environment – they have to do what’s best for business, I understand that.”

Hulk insists he has no ill-feeling towards the company that has been his life.

“That’s my home. That’s where I started,” he said, admitting it was tough to be kicked out of the Hall of Fame.

But he says his family and fans have stayed loyal.

He is now facing thousands of ‘Hulkamaniacs’ in no-holds-barred Q&A sessions about his wrestling career, his personal life, and anything else they throw at him.

“The energy that the fans bring, that determines how long I stay out there, how much fun we have, how intense it gets,” he said.

“So if the fans are into it and they bring some good questions, it’s going to be a very exciting night.”