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I Believe In The System, MURS talks about the hardships of Adoption and fatherhood. MURS has two separate life styles. One is being a Musician and the other being a father. MURS recently spoke with on his process of adopting his toddler and his teenager. MURS gives MAJOR credit to his wife in holding down the household while he is away on tours. He also discusses some on adopting his toddler and finding communication between him and their teen.


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Funny enough, I don’t talk to my baby any differently than I talk to my teenager. My mom doesn’t agree and some parents don’t but the funny thing is before I had my baby I was very conscious about my language around babies, and everything and now I curse sometimes and say whatever comes up. I feel like my toddler can pick up on my sincerity and If I use a curse word then he knows I’m serious. I don’t have to raise my voice. I don’t wanna yell. I don’t wanna be angry at him.

Adopting the children was no cake walk for MURS and his wife. They actually changed their minds on adopting out of country, and decided to adopt a child from here in the US. There was a lot of complications that him and his wife had ran into while trying to adopt from here. He realized that the system kept throwing different curve balls in his direction.

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