Juggalo Day

First Ever Canada Juggalo Day in 2017

After the announcement of Juggalo Day taking place in Flordia for 2017 came the wig blowing news that there will also be a Canada Juggalo Day. ICP just toured Canada for the first time in over a decade. The mad clown love inspired ICP to put together a Juggalo Day just for the Canadian Juggalos. It wasn’t revealed exactly where is will be at. Though, they did confirm that it will be on March 17th.

Violent J dropped some news that the Flordia Juggalo Day Weekend will have a special performance of Tales from the Lotus Pod but dropped the staleness that Canadians will not have the pleasure to witness that show. I’m sure is will still be a devastating show of epic proportions. It looks like ICP is going to be in Canada a lot now that they have been cleared to cross the border. Be ready to catch some wicked clown shows Canadian Juggalos! Pretty awesome, eh?!

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