All the Common Question Have Been Answered


Esquire gives the latest from Insane Clown Posse.  Today they answer thirteen commonly asked questions by non-Juggalos.

The first question, “How did ICP‘s fans get the name Juggalos?”

It was a developed by the fans—that’s the big mystery. We had a song called “The Juggla” [Carnival of Carnage, 1992], and that might have had something to do with it way back in the early ’90s. We had never had no idea to name our fans…”

The next question, “By definition, is a Juggalo exclusively a download (2)fan of ICP’s music?”

There’s a lot more to it. Juggalos also like other bands. Other bands have Juggalo followings, like the rappers Tech N9ne and Hopsin… One Juggalo is worth 50 regular fans…”

Other questions asked are, “How did the makeup you wear onstage start?”, “Do you actually drink Faygo?”, and “Do you get free Faygo?”

My one of my favorite questions answered was, “If someone isn’t familiar with your music, where should they begin?”

“The music is so wide in variety. We have songs that my mom does love and we have songs that would make my mom have a panic attack…”

This is my favorite question because upon reading ICP’s answer, I laughed at the irony that my mother is the same way.  She loves a few of the songs 20120927-icp-624x420-1348748003but the other’s make her question my sanity for being a Juggalette.  Ironically there, I have no sanity left.

The last question, and probably the most important, ICP answers is, “What is the biggest misconception about ICP?”

 “That we suck. That we’re just a joke or a punchline. We have people who love us, people who tell us we saved their life, people that tell us that our music has gotten them through this or that. Our music has helped people. Not just one or two people have told us that. Thousands of people. Juggalos are people, they’re human beings…”

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