ICP’s “I See The Devil” Official Video Dropping 4/22

ICP’s “I See The Devil” Official Video Dropping 4/22


Get ready, juggalos! Announced today through their official website, the Wicked Clowns will be dropping a brand new video this Friday! Coming off of The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost album, the world premiere of “I See The Devil” will be a production unlike any other. Of all the music video that the clowns have come out with, this one was shot entirely with vintage 8 MM film. With this older technology, the video will be made to look grainy, but also sinister in a truly underground and wicked way. Check out the super fresh camera that director Ryan Archibald used…


Photo by Young Wicked

Be on the look out for the world premiere of “I See The Devil” this Friday, April 22nd at 6 PM EST!!! It will be available on both ICP’s website and their official YouTube channel.

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