ICP Lawyers Going After Feds For Legal Fees



Hertz Schram, the lawyers who are co-counsel to the ACLU, ICP, and Juggalos in the FBI Gang Label case has began to go after the U.S. Department Of Justice for at least $20,000 in legal fees.

What originally began as a Freedom Of Information Act inquiry has become this after the DOJ took it’s time in complying with the request.

“They eventually did comply with our FOI request, because they had to,” Hertz said. “Our position was they were ignoring us, and delayed for months, and it was only after we went to the courts that they complied.”

Originally seeking $18,300 in fees, the firm has since increased the dollar amount since originally filing late last year.  Court Magistrate Steven Whalen has already recommended that the request be denied, but that decision is under appeal.