The Entire ICP Performance At Amnesia Rockfest For Your Eyeballs Viewing Pleasure


Photos courtesy of Rice Taylor

That is right ninjas! If you didn’t know, ICP is out on the Canadian tour but first, they got to rock the stage at Amnesia Rockfest. This was the 10th anniversary of Amnesia Rockfest. Pretty fresh that ICP got to rock the main stage for that monumental moment considering this was their first time back in Canada in freaking forever!

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were indeed present on the main stage, ready to baptize all the Canadian homies in the delightfulness of that ice cold Diet Faygo. They dished out some Juggalo classics like Homies, Hokus Pokus, Fuck The World and Halls Of Illusions.  J and Shaggy were straight killing it.

Enough stalling, I know what all you crazy ninjas want to see, without further waiting, here it is in its entirety the full performance of ICP at Amnesia Rockfest!