ICP Providence Riddle Box Tour Review

Weird Die Young

riddle boxAs most of the Juggalo community knows the Riddle Box Tour has been well underway and has been killing it throughout the US. TJF has been at a few of the shows thus far and have experienced all that the Riddle Box tour has to offer. I had the opportunity to see my show in Providence at the beginning of the tour. This was the first time that Fete Music hall had the clowns so I’m not entirely sure they truly knew what was coming that night. The night started out with a mystery opener that was not put out on the promotion for the show. There had been speculation about who it might be, but no one really knew who was opening up. Weird Die Young took the stage with their Laverne and Shirley intro and high energy. If you have not heard of WDY the group comes from Manomet, MA. The group includes Reverend Television, O.D, and Buffalo Dillz, they have an EP, LP and Mixtape that can all be found on hiphopsombies.com. The group also put out a video about 3 months ago for one of the songs they performed “Get off my Deck“! If you’re from New England you might recognize a few faces in the video! This was the second time I saw the group live and though I’m still just starting to listen to their music, I like what I hear. “Uncomfortable & Awkward” and “Get Off My Deck” really stick out to me as solid songs with good beats and catchy lyrics.

Outland Camp

Next up to the stage are one of New England’s most hated on groups Outland Camp. The guys came out ready to go cheering to each other getting the crowd hyped and getting beer all over the stage. A perfect way to start before the Faygo shower in the emanate future of the building. It seemed that they had a longer set than usual which was great. It gave them the opportunity to do more music and allowed for a little more time to interact with the crowd and get them hyped for the Psychopathic crew that was following them up. At one point Waldo lost his smokes and Krillz started passing them out to the crowd. They played their usual set with a few add-ons from The Legend of Gringo Loco Mixtape that you can find on hiphopzombies.com and download it for free! If you want to read more about Outland Camp check out my Local Love with Lotus story from a few weeks back!

Young Wicked

As we continued into the evening, DJ Carlito would put on some music inbetween sets. Sadly, least for this show, I personally didn’t see much from him as a DJ. He played some great music in the breaks but I really didn’t see much skill of his, I’m not saying that he can’t DJ and I’m not trying to be a hater, just expressing how I felt during the show. I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Gathering for the Foam Party to really see his skills! Next up on the card was Young Wicked, the devils came out with their hatchet man flags and it was on. He came out strong with a good mix of songs off of slaughter and some AMB and Killjoy. With this being one of the first stops of the tour, people commented ariddle box tour conffetti lot on his performance of Y.W.G where he felt like he needed to put something on Instagram and Facebook about it. Though for that song in particular it was not his best live performance. The whole set was very solid. It was still a new set only a few days in. However, from all the reviews from this show on, it looks like Young Wicked got into that tour life swing and is killing it every night on the tour.

Shaggy 2 Dope

It was now time for the main event! We hear the intro the iconic Riddle Box album released so many years ago, and out comes Violent J followed closely by Shaggy 2 Dope. They quickly brought us into the toy box, where the Faygo started to fly. The show was nothing short of fun and full of little details that brought the Riddle Box to life. With ICP’s on stage clowns helping douse the crowd in not only Faygo but also chicken feathers during everyone’s favorite “Chicken Huntin'”. During “Cemetery Girl” Violent J was joined onstage by his very own cemetery girl walking along

Violent J

the stage engaging the crowd. As time went on more Faygo breaks showered the crowd but this time the Faygo was combined with a large amount of confetti. Soon after Violent J called for Juggalettes to join him on stage for “Lil Somethin’ Somethin”. As a bunch of lettes stormed for the stage, J tried inviting myself on stage and though that would have been fun, legalistically with my cameras attached to myself that wasn’t going to happen. However, our very own MZHOLLYWOOD, at her stop of the tour, took full advantage of the opportunity and had a killer time! As always the show ended with “I’m Coming Home” and the Faygo Showers to end all Faygo Showers it was time for Faygoarmogeddon. At this point, my cameras and I were somewhat safe in the back of the room. There is something about the end of ariddle box tour faygo armageddon show that you can’t quite capture with a photo or video to truly express the fun and excitement that is brought on during those moments. Then the stage lights go off, the house lights return, and then you see the mess. Personally for me, as I used to work for an arena I feel for the clean up crew. But that was it. I had experienced the Riddle Box in its entirety and let me tell you it was one hell of a show! So I headed back to my car changed my shirt and headed home. If you haven’t checked out the Riddle Box Tour yet check the remaining dates and be sure to catch it if it hits a town near you! Full Gallery Coming soon be sure to watch out for it!






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