We know that life gets in the way, and everyone is working overtime to get to the RassleRap Tour and hook the lil’ homies at the hospital up, so you can get that fresh Riddlebox 20th Anniversary Edition up under yo’ tree (click to order) – we know you’re busy homies. So hand picked just for you, icymi …..

High Standerds

ICYMI: Kottonmouth Kings dropped their latest little diddly, High Standards and Greatest Hits! , a collection of 35 mega hits from the groups career so far. In a message from Daddy X, Kings, Queens and fans of all kinds are being asked to boycott purchase of Kottonmouth Kings records or merch bearing the spade. They are being encouraged instead, to purchase these items from the newly founded label United Family Music.




United Family Music

ICYMI: United Family Music released information on which artist will be dropping albums in the next year, including the Kottonmouth Kings with Marion Asher, D-Loc, The Dirtball, Chucky Chuck, C4 & Nicky Gritts and Allensworth




Lex The Hex Master


ICYMI: Majik Ninja Entertainment attempted to text blast the release of Lex The Hex MasterBomb On ‘Em through the Majik Ninja Network, but was halted by the FCC for the content being too explicit. Twiztid, founders of Majik Ninja  Entertainment quickly took to the interwebs to let eager mutants know that they had been notified of the issue, and that they would be releasing it to Juggalos shortly after.




Back To Hell




ICYMI: Twiztid has a super limited edition, 7 – inch vinyl of Back To Hell dropping to select stores only, on 12/15/15!!!  Only 500 of them are going out, and each one autographed!








ICYMI: Roman Reigns got a big surprise on WWE after winning the Heavyweight Championship, when a break of chaos occurs which ultimately results in the appearance of Sheamus, who kicks his way instantly into the Heavyweight Championship title by cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase.







ICYMI: Swag Toof released G Double O D to the public, and got a killer review published on vice.com from author Drew Miliard who credited them for being very strange but upon meeting them determined they were “very chill”. He recommends you give them a try.




 Bloodstepp will be dropping his new album Underground Royalty (Free) on 11/27/2015. Get instrumental at $5.00 a pop and lay your smash on it, OR go big balla and get 15 tracks for $50.00. Once you purchase you obtain rights to re-name and re-release for as your own for the market. It does’t stop there, Bloodstepp is making a free mixtape and you can submit your tracks for an opportunity to be featured! One track per instrumental tho, so step it up!


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