In case you missed it this week – here’s a look back at some of the highlights!

ICYMI: Fans of White Zombie are in for a real treat, according to teamrock.comThough it has been confirmed there will be no White Zombie Reunion – the rock gods have come together and have been collaborating on a White Zombie Vinyl Box Set -complete with extras like vaulted songs and a booklet design band members seem enthused about. Set for release in 2016, the group says they have been working on this for over a year and are eager for it’s official arrival into the hands of the public.

ICYMI: Lil Wyte brushes off the chaos of recent arrest warrant, stating it was a misunderstanding and implying that it should have never been issued in the first place. While Lil Wyte doesn’t say anything against the initiator of the warrant (Hertz) He does say that the car was returned, and all fees assessed and paid for the day before the warrant was issues. He blames the confusion on an unnamed person and says that this person has been released from his employment.

ICYMI: Colorado is home to the worlds largest comic book distributor,Chuck Rozanski. Rozanski is taking advantage of the high demand for cultivation space marijuana legalization has created, and making a pretty penny on it too! But what does this mean for comic distribution?

ICYMI: Jimmy Fallon had a fantastic visit from wrestling star The Undertaker, who appears on a gong cue and wipes out Mr. Turkey. Catch that freshness right here ninjas.

ICYMI: Necro hooks up with Playboy Music Spotlight, and wants you to stop giving him a hard time ladies. Check it out at SoundCloud.com

ICYMI: And last but not least – broadly.vice.com author Alex Gross has published a photo gallery article from Miss Jugalette Pagent 2015. Please, come check out all the sexy, scrubbin, gathering elitists and peep the freshness you either missed (sucks to be you) or you are fondly remembering right now.

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