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Ill Mind of Hopsin 8: Best Diss Track of all Time?

Hopsin’s #BlameDame diss track and latest edition of his ‘Ill Mind’ series, Ill Mind of Hopsin 8, has gained quite a bit of attention which isn’t hard to believe. Hopsin knows how to stir up the drama with his fan base and hard hitting lyrics. Ex-label mates Dizzy Wright and Jerren Benton have spoken their peace about the label’s demise. Damien Ritter has also rebutted Ill Mind of Hopsin 8. But, the burn of this fire track just keeps burning with all the notoriety of the well put diss track.

Most recently HipHopDx used Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 as an inspiration for an article entitled The Most Entertaining Rap Diss Song Videos Ever Created.

Last week, Hopsin decided to Kim Jong Un what was left of Funk Volume with the visual rollout of his “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.” The song was literally a blistering attack on his former business partner and co-CEO, Damien Ritter but the video took things to another level with its testy courtroom aesthetic, which featured a Ritter doppleganger, dabbin’ judge and a pissed-off plaintiff.

Such animation is rarely seen on the Hip Hop video front as putting such aggression and inflammatory attack could be deemed as corny by consumers. But when executed with the perfect amount of comedic flair and vitriol lyricism, the finished product can be pretty damaging for the rapper on the brunt end of the punchline.

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That wasn’t the first time HipHopDx wrote about this controversial diss track. Writers Justin, Trent, and Ural relayed their initial reactions to the diss track video when it came out. Justin thought the diss track was “dope” stating, “As a diss track “ILL Mind… 8” is actually dope. It’s entertaining. Surprisingly, he looks like he’s enjoying himself. There’s a gaggle of witty bars.” While Trent is skeptical he still concedes that it’s a track that will entertain fans, “Industry Rule #5221 or so specifically outlines never underestimate an artist’s ability to win over fans with a turn-up record.” Lastly, Ural ends the conversation with what this track has really given the fans, “this is all about the music right now and Hopsin’s first post-Funk Volume release couldn’t have been a better reintroduction.”

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Lastly, The Occidental Weekly commended Hopsin for the diss track. Besides all the drama the author felt this Ill Mind of Hopsin track was just the fire track he’s been waiting for from Hopsin’s Ill Mind series.

this is the direction I had hoped Hopsin would go in ever since I heard “Ill Mind 5” in 2012 — it was on that track that he proved he had the lyrical skills and the production talent to make it big. As it turns out, the only thing holding him back was a fitness-obsessed manager; it becomes clear on “Ill Mind 8” that nothing is repressing Hopsin’s talent any longer, and now it’s finally his turn to make some huge waves in the hip-hop scene.

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