ill mind of hopsin 8 funk volume diss #blamedame

Ill Mind of Hopsin 8: The Funk Volume Verdict is in #BlameDame

Hopsin laid down another Ill Mind of Hopsin track. This one dissing the label he created and destroyed. The music video is set in a court room and Hopsin is giving his testimony.  Hopsin rips Damian Ritter a new asshole in this one. He lays out all the dirty drama that caused Funk Volume to dissolve into nothing. With this singe release Hopsin is sure to prove he’s the one who’s got the game on lock. The parts where Hopsin is on the news interview you can see even more disgruntlement being released with the hashtag #BlameDame repeated three times.  All and All the whole diss track sounds like a bad relationship that needs to be ended. We will never know if these claims of Hopsin is true, but we do know it won’t stop Hop.

Remember right after Funk Volume broke up and Hopsin shout out to all those dedicated fans who got Funk Volume tattoos? Well, now we know what he wanted them for. They are represented at the end of the video after Damian got his verdict. I know I recognize many of them. Do you see yours?

Take a peep at this amazingly poignant and comical Funk Volume diss. At one point the judge does a dab and as the video progresses it just get more and more live. It will leave you feeling pumped. Plus, there is a little advise at the end of the video that everyone could use. Life goes on and not everyone is in your life forever. This seems to be the definite end to Funk Volume. But not the end of Hopsin, by a long shot.

Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 (Funk Volume Diss)

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