Getting To Know The New Girl.


Hey Juggalos and Juggalettes, I’m ShadowRose and I’m new to the TJF staff.  I was brought on by Naptown Mike and will be starting as a movie review writer.

A few random facts about me:  I grew up in the country but I am currently living in, what feels like, a city.  However, I will always be a country girl.  I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania but will soon be joining the southern life come this fall as I head to college in the northern parts of South Carolina.  I’m going to be studying Print Media and Marketing.  My favorite flower is a rose and I love the night, hence the nickname, ShadowRose.  My favorite animal is a Tiger cause they’re bad ass and beautiful.  Also, I have a split personality due to being a Gemini (love that twin symbol).  Lastly, I love anything creative like drawing and painting, singing, and especially reading and writing.

writingAnyway, I’m beyond stoked for y’all to read my opinions and I cannot wait to become more involved in the True Juggalo Family.  I was introduced to the Juggalo life back in October which makes me very new, however I have high expectations of fixing that, especially now that I’m on staff.  Besides the fact of wanting to contribute to the Juggalo way of life, I hope to get out of my experiences on the staff a new perspective on my writing.  You see, my end goal in life is to be a successful author and currently I’m trying to publish my first book.  If my books become famous, then by all means I’ll reveal my real name to all those down with the clown.  Anyway, that’s a little about me, and I hope my writing will reveal more as time comes.