Techn9cians! As you hit the Powerhouse tour that will be coming to your town soon, if they haven’t already, be sure and take notice of the extra sparkle around the necks of the homies Wrekonize and Bernz. That’s right!! The guys we know to be iMayday! have received their official Strange Music Snake and Bat chains. Both Wrek and Bernz have posted on instagram about it.


Wrekonize says : “Forgive me for posting about this again but today was a long day and I’m only now getting to slow down and fully appreciate being given this by people I incredibly respect and want to conquer the world with. We got ours a little different than the norm and I wouldn’t have changed that for anything. I can’t front, I got a little emotional when we got these today. This isn’t just a piece of jewelry. It’s a symbol for everything we’ve learned, all the wonderful people we’ve met, and all the music we’ve bled to create and share with the world. I’m proud to be a part of this family and can only hope to share many more wonderful exchanges with everyone involved, including most importantly the fans. Your support fuels it all. #Triumph #Thankful #StrangeMusic


Bernz says : “Does this mean I’m a real rapper now? Thank u to my brothers @therealtechn9ne and @strangemusicceo for making me feel like I earned this.”


I say… Good on ya, boys!!! Congratulations and this CameraNinja can’t wait to take pictures of this shiny new jewelry! Get out there and get some Powerhouse in your life!




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