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Juggalo Weekend Day 1 &2 Recap!


Juggalo Weekend Day 1 @ Saint Andrews Hall

Day 1 of the Juggalo Day festivities kicked off on Friday Feb 19th in the heart of Downtown Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall. As soon as you walked into the venue, it was almost like walking into a whole new world. Juggalos and family love was everywhere and it only got better s the night carried on. From the performances to the merch, and the feel inside the venue it was an wig splitting night for sure. Here is TJF’s recap of the Juggalo Weekend festivities!



This event was up first and it definitely was a great intro to starting the weekends’ festivities. Every match was insane, and the crowd was loving every second of it! As you all know the matches are known for being bloody and hardcore, and this nights matches were nothing less than hardcore! Below TJF’s close homie King B deliver’s the results from JCW Matches at Juggalo Weekend Day 1!

King B

JCW Card Results

  • Shane Mercer Defeats Warchild & Hyzaya
  • Madman Pondo & Crazy Mary Defeat Jake Durden & Samantha Heights
  • Rude Boy Defeats Mosh Pit Mike
  • 2Tuff Tony Defeats Ruff Crossing
  • Super Strong Tiger & Spider Monkey Defeat Ring Rydas
  • Commentary by Kevin Gill & Scott Damore



A Monumental JCW Moment In The Making

This was a monumental moment for sure. We got to talk to Moshpit Mike after the show and he expressed how he had looked up to Rude Boy for many years and to know he backs him in his career. Watch the clip above to hear what Rudy himself had to say!

Tha Hav Knots

Photo courtesy of Faygoluvers.net

Photo courtesy of Faygoluvers.net

This super group which consists of Anybody Killa, Big Hoodoo and Bonez Dubb came on stage and TORE IT UP!. The energy on stage was out of control and the vibes the were sending out to the crowd got everybody’s attention that was in attendance. I don’t know about you, but I myself am beyond stoked to be able to have a copy of their cd which is expected to be released around Gathering 17 later this year.


Lil Wyte

When Lil Wyte came out for his performance, it was amazing. The energy was mind blowing and he even did some of his most popular songs for us all to jam to. In a way, it was almost like a nice throwback in a way when he started performing “Oxycotton“. I mean I know that for me it instantly brought me back to being the rebellious teen I once was when I first heard it and would listen to it all the time. He also busted out some other classics like “Smoking Song” and others. Above is some of our Periscope footage of his performance. Fair warning, after the first song, the bass gets crazy stupid since our girl Rachelette was up close to the stage and speakers!


Lil Eazy and DJ Yella

If you are a fan of Eazy E or any of his tracks from back in the day you would’ve LOVED this performance by none other than Eazy’s son, Lil Eazy and DJ Yella. They performed some of his top tracks like “Boyz In the Hood“, “California Love“, and so many more! It was a set you didn’t want to miss, but we did thankfully get some footage of it for your eyeballs to peep.

Killjoy Club

Finally, the Killjoy Club performed and the entire audience got hype as hell! Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Young Wicked, and DJ Paul had so much energy on stage it was electric. They did some of their songs from the album, ‘Reindeer Games‘ and towards the end of the set they tore the house down with some old school ICP tracks from The Ringmaster album, such as ‘Chicken Huntin‘. The entire crowd at Saint Andrews were beaming and singing along with every word. Below is the video we got on Periscope of The Killjoy Club on Juggalo Weekend 2016 Day 1.


BONUS FOOTAGE: The video footage below is from our Canadian homie Notslim1 getting different views of the performance and even got some great shit with the crowd- we HAD to share it! Check this shit out fam.


Juggalo Weekend Day 2 @ Harpo’s

Day 2 took place at Harpo’s in Detroit on Feb 20th. When you first pulled up to this venue on Saturday, the fist thing you probably noticed was the HUGE line of ninjas waiting patiently to get inside and start partying. It was an understatement when I say that this event was packed as hell. But that just made it even better since there was an ocean of Juggalos and Juggalettes and so much love was in every corner of that venue!

Molly Gruesome


Our Canadian homie Molly Gruesome opened up for this nights show and did an amazing job. Her unique sound and her onstage vibe radiated off into the crowd and us Juggalo’s ate it up. She had some amazing energy and has made several performance appearances at the Gathering and other huge Juggalo shows. But since this was the first live performance I had personally seen of hers, I gave it 2 thumbs up! Get it Molly!

Swag Toof

Swag Toof

After Molly Gee did her thing on stage, it was time for Swag Toof to perform. If you aren’t familiar with them or their Toof Gang followers, they’re from New York and bring a different sound out for the audience. Swag Toof is consists of Chiorboy and Ouija, and they reside in Harlem, NY. They tore the stage up with their haunted gritty sound was a great break up from the other opening acts for night and helped to really set the mood.

King 810

King 810

King 810 was one of the heaviest moments of the night.  These Flint, Michigan natives brought the brutality to the stage and left it all out there.  If you’re a fan of the late 90’s early 2000’s style of heavy metal, then this band is for you. They performed right before Young Wicked and helped to get the crowd pumped up with some high pace familiar beats.

Young Wicked


From his performance in Killjoy the night before to this solo performance, Young Wicked was killing Juggalo Day Weekend.  Young Wicked has a bright future in Psychopathic, and that future was on display last night in full effect.  Young Wicked displayed excellent stage presence while showing off his wicked flows.



If you have yet to see Mushroomhead live in concert, you really are missing out. Their stage performance is riveting and the best part besides the music itself was the drums and lighting! It made it look like lava or something was getting prayed into the drummers faces. Totally amazing experience, we highly suggest catching one of their shows if you’ve never seen them before.



Esham….WOW. When he came out he was lookin’ hella fresh and was playing all the classics. His energy was off the charts and this was probably the first time a lot of Juggalos got to see Esham perform live and in the flesh. To that, I say Juggalo Weekend was one hell of a night to see his set. Not only did he perform this night but the night of Day 1 he was walking around in the crowd taking pics with everyone being the huble artist he is. If you missed it or just want to relive it again, check out True Juggalo Family’s first ever live stream from Juggalo Day Weekend via Facebook with this short clip from Esham’s set.

Twiztid’s Surprise Set

This was obviously one of the most insane, unexpected moments of the entire weekend! It was literally like a stampede when Twiztid came on stage. Twiztid was busting out all the classics and all us Juggalos were lovin’ it! We had a live feed of the performance and you can check it above. With Twiztid being back in the same building as ICP for a performance, it was nostalgic in a way, it was definitely a fantastic way to get everyone super fuckin’ pumped for ICP’s Ringmaster set. Posted by True Juggalo Family on Saturday, February 20, 2016



Of course this was the show everyone came for, some from out of town, some from out of state. The events and shows leading up to this moment helped to make it that much sweeter when it came time for it to start. If you’ve ever seen ICP live you know already to be expecting a lot of great stage props as well as tons of fucking diet Faygo Root Beer. The crowds energy was fucking insane, because we knew what the hell was about to go down! We had our TJF Periscope going and ready and we even had some live feed going from back stage while the boys set up for the performance of a lifetime. Needless to say once it kicked off everyone in attendance were gettin’ live and there wasn’t 1 Juggalo in Harpo’s that wasn’t jamming the hell out in one form or another. Since there was no security for part of the show, there were ninjas doing backflips off the stage with 2 liters of Faygo, bitches coming up and spraying the crowed, it was INSANE. If you missed the show, you have to be sure to check out our Youtube and our Periscope archive cause it was literally the show of a lifetime. Check out the backstage view HERE.





The aftermath of the Faygo shower from the Ringmaster Show on Juggalo Weekend Day 2

There was a lot that went down on this magical weekend in Detroit, Michigan.  Don’t forget to look at our extensive photo gallery from the weekend also as reviews from Mz Hollywood, and NaptownMike!