In This Moment #MySexMetalBarbieContest

In This Moment have launched the #MySexMetalBarbieContest, for the song off their album Black Widow. Fans In This Momentwill get a chance to Lip sync cover of the song. However, to qualify, you must hashtag #MySexMetalBarbieContest. The top three videos will be chosen by the band. There will be prizes to win, the Grand Prize will be one of Chris Howorth‘s signature V-7 Schecter Guitars signed by the whole band, a “Blood” mask signed by the whole band and a t-shirt. In This Moment‘s lip sync contest will have runner-up prizes for the second and third place winners. The booty is certainly worth getting up off your ass to make a video for. They also sat down with for a little interview on the contest as well as the video and tour.

The video for “Sex Metal Barbie” was directed by lead singer Maria Brink, and now has over one million views. Why did you guys hand over the reigns for this video?

Chris Howorth, In This Moment: She has been a co-director on “Blood,” “Whore,” “Adrenalize,” “Sick Like Me” and “Big Bad Wolf.” We didn’t have as much of a budget and she had things in her grand vision that did not come to life in the video, but she did a great job, took control and made it happen. This was all her.

Why do this song lend itself to lip-syncing?

I lip-sync to it all the time. She does the finger point thing. It is theatrical-sounding and there is attitude in how she is delivering the verses. You can search the song online and there are tons of vocal covers and such. So it is a cool idea to engage people who are already doing it and to get people aren’t doing it… to do it. Whoever is the best… there are some different levels of prizes. But the big prize is one of my guitars.

What’s special about the guitar?

It has a black widow spider inlay and there are no other guitars like it out there. If you are a fan and want something cool, you will want to win this contest.

What would you be looking for in the contest videos? What advice would you give hopefuls?

For me, I would look at how good are they doing it compared to the real video. If it’s funny, that’s great, but when you are talented, that is what is really memorable and impressive. But also, a cool rendition is the right way to do it! Or something different. I tend to like them all. I just think it’ll be cool if people enjoy the song enough to sing it and put it on the Internet.

How much more touring will you be doing on the Black Widow record?

I don’t know the limits. We have the headline run with 36 Crazyfists, with as much production as possible. Then we get a month off. Then, we have the Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach arena tour, and we are opening, so it’s a shorter set, but we are stoked. We are planning for early next year and we’ll see where we are and how it feels. We might approach the time to return to the studio.

You are doing there reverse of most bands—your fifth album is on a major, as opposed to leaving a major and going indie this deep into your discography, which is more common than the reverse. How has it been?

We are with a bigger, more powerful company. It is a cool way to do it, instead of starting major and shifting to independent as you wind down. We have the long, slow wind up and it’s still going. It’s like the tortoise and the hare. It’s been such a grind, but when you get dropped by management, your other band members split and people think your band is done, and you get picked by one of the biggest management companies and labels, it’s amazing. It happened! It’s rewarding.

Do you have any non-music hobbies or skills?

I love fly fishing and fishing in general. It take fishing poles on tour. I get peace from that. I collect Kiss stuff, posters and albums. I have tons of Kiss stuff. There are poster tubes are everywhere. I love video games. I get obsessed while on break from tour.


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