In This TogetherTogether

After the tragedies in France and Lebanon(this one didn’t get nearly the media coverage as France), I had to pause and reflect.  There are many kinds of people in this world.  Many races, religions, cultures, sub-cultures.  Mankind is the most dominate species on earth.  Also the most destructive.  It’s likely we know the source of these attacks.  The depressing thing is, it will only lead to deepening the stereotypes of on religion and  continuation of the bigotry towards it in general.

This post isn’t one to defend any religion at all.  I have my views on it, while it might be shared with many others, it differs from many more, including people I love.  The truth is, my view on it is irrelevant in the big picture.  So is yours.  Every single human on this earth has one quite a few things in common.

With a few outside exceptions we all only have one go around on this big rock in the Milky Way.  We all share this big rock too.  Side by side, we are all on this ride together.  As time goes on, that gets forgotten more and more.  All humanity has is itself, and it’s being destroyed from within.  You can’t kill hate, or any idea for that matter.  Hate has been around as long as man.    However, love has been around just a long.  Love is stronger than hate.  Love can cause the impossible to happen.

I challenge all of you going forward(myself included), spread the love.  Don’t only share it with our juggalo family.  Share it with strangers.  Share it with your neighbors.  Hell, share it with your enemies.  If you see them on the street, smile and tell them hello.  We all have on chance on this earth, let use it doing something positive.  Maybe one day, we will create a better future.