Insane Clown Posse Hope We All Find Faith in Our Lives With Their New Album The Marvelous Missing Link: Found

Insane Clown Posse

Image Courtesy From huffingtonpost


Insane Clown Posse is a band that you will either understand what they are doing, or you just don’t understand. They have had a rough past, but the foundation in which ICP members Joseph Bruce and Joey Utsler implore to keep our universe alive; is having faith.

The Marvelous Missing Link: Found, ICP renews its faith in a world filled with so much hate, anger, and the horrific events that have been occurring these past few years. The idea of faith is a big commodity in our culture and is often abused and exploited. But if you can just experience real positive and constructive faith.

“You can find faith in anything,” explains Joseph Bruce in a recent phone interview. “Whatever your thing is. You got to have faith. To live a life without faith, you’re lost. That’s what this record is all about is those who are found, those who are on the right path, those who got it together that are following their dreams and aren’t sitting around letting life happening to them.”

Found is the second series to The Marvelous Missing Link. The expression of what happens when you find that momentum in life and faith will take you on the right journey.

Lost is that you are just blowing around with the wind, let whatever happen to you happen to you,” explains Bruce about the difference between the two records. “You are in no control of your life. Found is those in control. Lost is all ruthless and grim and negative, and it talks about wickedness and darkness and depression. The Found record has humor. It has positive songs. It has uplifting music. Those are the differences between people’s lives who are lost and who are found.”

True faith based in religion is there to help, not exploit, and that has always been a commonality within the ICP universe.

“Most references, we are talking about religion, people that have something to believe in,” explains Bruce. “That’s what religion provides. I don’t care what specific religion you are talking about; it gives people hope. It gives people something to believe in, something to aspire to. If you have faith, than you are in much better place in this world and that’s what the Found record is about.”

Insane Clown Posse themselves have treaded through the waters of the music industry. A lot of their music is based off their own faith. They never take “No” for an answer! Of course they haven’t had a song on the radio like other artists have. Nor have they toured on some big arena tour. But what they do have is something much more bigger and better than all of that. They have fans or as we are better known as, Juggalos. Juggalos have stuck by ICP’s side for the past 20+ years and new juggalos are being made daily.

“We play for our audience,” says Bruce. “Our record speak to Juggalos, the only ones buying them are people that have been down with the clown or people that are discovering it. That’s all that’s paying any attention to us, so when we are speaking to those people we have a lot we want to say.”

Our world is a much different, yet a very unique world. If you want to be apart of our world, you would want to bring a positive vibe as well as love and happiness. If you bring all of this with you to the Juggalo world, then you are accepted. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope speak to the Juggalo nation in a way that would be a bit intimidating at first, but it’s an environment that is truly based in tolerance.

“We have a lot of important shit we want to say to the people that are meant to hear it,” explains Bruce. “We speak in a language most people don’t understand. Most people write off as fuckin’ garbage and bullshit and trash, but there are messages there.”

Insane Clown Posse’s music is nothing but pure entertainment as well as stories and messages. The profound effect on the lives of all of their listeners.

“When we are talking to the people that are meant to hear it, we want to say the right thing, so that’s why we deliver messages that we believe are being delivered to us through the form of the Dark Carnival,” says Bruce. “We feel like we were born to do this, like we were meant to do this. We don’t know where some of it comes from. It feels like it comes from a higher power. People have come up to us, not just some people or 10-15 people, but literally throughout our career hundreds of people have come up and said ‘Man. You know your music saved me’. That wasn’t ICP saving them. That wasn’t Joe and Joey saving them. That was the music. That was the Dark Carnival. That was the higher power. We believe that. We believe we were meant to talk to these certain people.”