Interview : Voice of Lethal Injexion, Miss Cyainide


We had a chance to catch up with the voice of the Ohio based group, ‘Lethal Injexion’, Miss Cyainide.

TrueJuggaloFamily: Thank you,Miss Cyainide, for taking a moment to chat with us today. I know you’re busy, so let’s jump right in. How long have you been interested in making music, and more specifically in becoming a rapper?
Miss Cyainide: Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be on stage. My mom would always sing and I loved hearing hearing her, she had a beautiful voice. I was addicted to this cartoon called ‘Jem and the Holograms’ also, they helped inspire me [too].
Can you tell me about the music work scene for those who are still climbin’ the wall to their career?
Music life is a constant grind. I am currently working food industry service, making sure rent and bills are paid, and on top of that got to pay my manager to keep the group in order and get shows, buying flyers and CD’s – it’s a lot on a person. But it’s a hate love relationship with music, really. Like, you get to [a] point and you wanna say “fuck this shit I’m done I’m never be nothing” but then your start thinking like “man I am trying so hard i am practicing all the time and writing all the time, I’m making moves and working!” That’s part of life is taking them chances it’s not all glam there’s been a lot of heart-ache.
I feel it, it’s that ‘gettin the bone’ thing. We all take our turn. But through it all you have chosen to continue forward with your career in the horrorcore rap music underground. That takes a lot of guts, working the underground of the underground – and as you’ve said, hard work too! A lot of people have big ideas but so few put them into play.
Flash back to GOTJ 2011 – how did it feel stepping out onto that stage?
Oh man, I was seriously in tears right before I went on. I couldn’t believe it. It was a big deal and still being a [music] nobody. Before that was doing a lot of shows in Ohio, Youngstown area. Like Jupiter Studios, loved playing there. And [you know] my music [is] for people just like me, who are going through bad times and good times. [My] music has many different styles, but it’s for everyone.
So, tell me about your in-home studio, what made you decide to keep it at home and how it came to be, what is the upkeep like?
Well, it [studio time] got pricey. I dropped a whole pay check one time on a trip to the studio. I thought it be best to invest in my own setup. [When things are lookin’ down] It’s good to up your game.
What was it like at first, trying to get yourself out there?
It’s hard as fuck, [and] it’s not easy that’s for sure. You try a lot of different things – I wear costumes on stage, pass out flyers, posters, and CD’s – at first it was just CD’s. That’s hard; over time burnt CD’s started to be turned down. Nobody wanted that – just a burnt CD [with] no art, just [a] name on it. Still kept pushing [though].
Still giving out burnt CD’s, but I do have nice hard copies with art and bar codes and all that [now]. That’s five bucks – so which one would you want if your kinda broke? A free CD or [a] five dollar CD?
Free for sure! But you’ve done it, and continued to evolve your methods and figure out what works for you. You haven’t let the struggle stop you! You have dedication and have persevered over a lot of personal obstacles in your life in order to continue striving to reach your goal. That is AWESOME! Tell me, when life gets in the way (as it seems to do so often) how do you keep your chin up and your eyes on the prize when the going gets tough?
Oh man, life has thrown me some real shit balls! I have been down and out and been threw some bad times, music [has] been their for it [all]. When the first music group I was a part of fell apart, they left me for the wolves. I came home, I set my mic up and wrote all my pain and released it. When things get bad I just take a second to try to think and breath, once in awhile get girly and cry then smoke and figure it all out!
 Really, the rest of Lethal Injexion, our recently acquired manager, Adam Fugate and my boyfriend, FatKid – are just great. Without a single one of them, I’m sure it wouldn’t be half as fulfilling, or half as good!
So, would you say you choose not to let that shit hold you down? Or would you say there is something that gives you an inner strength to overcome it all?
An inner strength. Everything I go threw becomes a song –in some shape or form.
The family, you do it for the family and that makes you wanna push on and transform all that bad shit, I totally dig it. It’s a labor of love.
Yeah, family is suppose to make you feel that. Help you want to change and guide you to live better, happier and always [have] love [for] your self and who you are no matter what.
Before we go, I’d like to ask you for any advice you have for the aspiring horrorcore musicians out there?
Do it because you love it, don’t it for any other reason. Do it because it’s your passion! Really I mean I can be like ‘get a good studio, use good beats, be on time, ad libs and layers’ and shit but no. Do it because you love it.
Okay, okay – one last question and then we’ll let you get back to your grind – what can we expect from Lethal Injexion and Miss Cyanide in the near future?
Well I can’t answer that cause the future hasn’t been written yet and no one’s hasn’t been yet but I just hope that it involves bigger things and more shows and maybe a tour! For all I know I could still be working in food, slinging meals and Cd’s out the back! And using my checks to invest in this work we’re doing.
Well, we just wanna encourage you to keep up the hard work, cause hard work pays off. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events and news.
You can check out the tunage here.



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