into the echoside website launched

Into the Echoside Website Launched: Prepare to be Amazed

That’s right, Ninjas! The Into the Echoside website has launched and you won’t believe all the freshness it has in store! Now, you can learn a lot more of this game designed by Jumpsteady and Louis Simpson. This deck-building game has caused excitement and confusion for many a Juggalo. The website has a lot of answers for your questions. Plus, there is also a Q and A with card designer Tom Wood.

Into the Echoside will not be available until July 20 at Gathering 17. But, Juggalos can pre-order the game on Pre-orders will get 3 rare promo cards Wizard of the Hood, Blahzay Rose, and Inner City Posse.

To add to the freshness of this special website just for the Psychopathic deck-building game they have a Forum section, to be launched after the game is released. So, it looks like this game is going to majorly epic. It was awesome enough to get its own website after all.

Also note, ninjas, everyone and their cousin is going to try and check this dopeness out. So, if you get an error message know it’s just your homies overloading the site with traffic. Be patient you’ll get your chance to peek at the freshness yourself soon. The website is live at

Into the Echoside Promo

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