Violent J Narrates Behind The Paint. Available At The Gathering!

Behind the Paint

Violent J dropped one helluva bombshell tonight in the newest edition of the Hatchet Herald. So at the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos,that one and only amazingness that is titled “Behind The Paint” will be released in audio book style. For those of you that have read “Behind The Paint“, already know how fucking fresh this is. To make it even more fresh,the audio book will feature BRAND NEW flavor. So even those of you that haven’t read “Behind The Paint” will get to hear it in its’ full glory!

You will be able to purchase it on USB or via download. Check out what Violent J himself had to say about it:

Now we got some NEW flavor to tell you about.  If you’ve ever read and enjoyed the book “Behind The Paint,” now you can check it out again, this time with additional flavor added to it! And check this out, you ain’t even gotta read it! You can just lean your big ass head back and close your eyes and hear it all as its TOLD TO YOU because finally, after more than 10 fuckin’ years, it’s coming out in audiobook form!  That’s right, you can listen to the entire story of our childhoods all the way up to the release of the first 6 Joker’s Cards including the previously untold story of “Hell’s Pit” as told by me, Violent J myself, when this bad boy is released at Gathering 17!  What better way to spend the long ass car ride back home than to sit and listen to the entire story of ICP being told straight outta the horse’s motherfuckin big ass mouth!  This special audiobook will be released on USB as well as through download. It’s not coming out on CD though because that would be like 12 CDs or some shit and that’s just too many. Plus hardly anybody buys CDs anymore anyway.

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