Okay Family ~ It’s Time We Make The Difference

Here’s the thing: Jay and Shaggy and the whole legal team got our backs in a big way right now. They’re representing us in the court room – while we reppin the hatchet in the world. They know us, they know that we like to get rowdy. They know that at heart are just a bunch of fun loving weirdos in face paint who hate how broken everything is anymore.

But the world doesn’t know that. Most of what the general public sees are clips from gatherings of the mamis doin they do, concert goers in various paint and the inevitable media coverage of the wackos who give us our bad rep. It’s funny sometimes how people react when they realize what you are –

“A j- Juggalo? Uhhh like what do you mean bro? Are you a devil worshipper?”



See that? That’s my ‘hate you so much right now’ face.

But the media covers the good shit too, you know. There are some homies out here in Cali who come together and pick up litter. There was a kid who knocked out a bully while he was attacking a blind kid, and a good number of others I have seen or heard of on the news (heeeeyooooo~ Big shout out to you homies!)

“But – we keep it scrubbing! We gives NO fucks!” Yes, I know – I know. The truth is people fear what they do not know. Because we give no fucks for their critisimis, we have given no fucks to their knowledge or understanding of what we are. Being that we ran all out of fucks to give a long time ago, this is understandable. But maybe it’s time to gives….just a teensy weensy fucks. Not about our nay sayers – but about the ring leaders who are fighting so hard to prevent further discrimination against us based on what people want to assume we are. The Insane Clown Posse has gone to bat to clear our name, fam. The battle has not been an easy one and the war wages on.

Some homies get it. They get their crew together and do what they can to help clean up the streets and help a man when he’s down. I pose a simple question to you – When is the last time you were the change you want to see in the world?

The ICP are fighting for us because they know were just a bunch of misfits who don’t belong to this world. We talk of our world where there’s no hunger, no sorrow – no shame. When is the last time you walked your hatchet ass down to the soup kitchen to lend a helping hand? Who was the last old lady you helped across the street (without exchanging the tossing of salads)?

The homies have a heart for good things and that is why The ICP are defending us all the way up top. Don’t you think it’s time we back them up in this battle, for a change?

Violent J and Shaggy 2dope are some charitable muther fuckers. With all they have walked through with us in their music – with all the lessons of brotherhood they have taught us – there is still so much we can learn from our incredible, amazing, stupendous – ladies and gentlemen – the Insane Clown Posse.

Show them some love by starting a movement in your hood. Whether it’s donations or volunteering, let’s help leave our mark on society.