Jamie Madrox Once Played The Fool On Tour

Jamie Madrox, Twiztid, Digital Tour Bus

April Fool’s Day is coming up this Friday, and what better way to celebrate than with a touring prank story from Jamie Madrox? Well, Twiztid’s own Multiple Man decided to provide ninjas with just that! In a recent talk with Mariah Spiering of Digital Tour Bus, Madrox relived a story from back in the day about when he got pranked while on tour. In this one, he hilariously explains what happened when a Taco Bell-induced pit stop left him supposedly stranded without any way to get back home. It’s a cruel prank, sure, but one that could make just about anyone wet their paints.  Poor Jamie… Well, at least some of the worst situations can make great stories! Even if you’re the only one who isn’t laughing.

Hop over to the official Digital Tour Bus website for the full story and get ready to laugh!

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