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For most hardcore Joker fans, everyone seemed to be on guard of the new Suicide Squad movie and its cast. We all know that those that portrayed the Joker seemed to have suffered from suicidal and other demented perceptions. Some which have even led to horrific bodily harm and even death. During Comic Con 2015 panel,  director David Ayers stated that the characters will be more updated to the current modern time and add new elements to the design of the villains. As soon as Jared Leto was hired for this part, we all knew he was the perfect fit even though he was badly ridiculed.

Jared Leto, mostly known for his role as Jordan Catalano on 1994 MTV’s hit TV show My So Called Life. It’s great to see Jared branch out to a more psychopath part. Jared’s version of the Joker is more “punk” and “street thug” with bright green hair, silver grills and tattoos covered all over his body. Certainly bringing a new twist to any image of the character we know and love in the comics.

Leto has some incredible shoes to fill especially after the world is still healing from the passing of Heath Ledger and his version of the Joker in Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Leto has nothing but respect for Heath’s role, but had been preparing his own demented ideas and even practiced perfecting them before he started even filming for the movie.

 “You know, when I got asked to play The Joker, I don’t really have a big, precarious laugh personally,” Leto told us. “So I was a bit terrified. This is a guy who’s laughing, and laughing in a way that’s very unique. So I worked on it, and worked on it, and came up with something that… is very strange, I admit.” ~ Jared Leto

Jared also claims that overall the Joker isn’t all such a bad guy, he’s deep down truly a sweetheart!

Don’t forget to check out Jared as the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad out in theaters today! (8/5/16)


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