Jarren Benton

Jarren Benton recently spoke about being in last years XXL Freshman class.  Last years class was unique in that it had the most members they have ever had, however Funk Volume had looked to begin a trend.  The 10th spot is fan voted, and a Funk Volume artist had won the 10th spot for a second year in a row.  In 2013 Dizzy Wright won the fan spot, last year is was Jarren Benton.  Not only had he made the XXL Freshman class, it was by a FAN VOTE that got him there.

Man, the 10th spot, I would say, is one of the illest ways to get it. The 10th spot, that’s the fans, it ain’t the politics it’s the fans. So the 10th spot, that shows you that your fuckin’ fans really fuck with you heavy if they go hard like that. And not even just fans, maybe it’s the people who aren’t accustomed to you who went out and voted. So I’d say the 10th spot is the greatest accomplishment as well, ’cause you can gauge where you at and know that the people ride hard for you, so you gotta go hard for them.



That shit is crazy, man. You know, when I was up for the 10th spot, at first—I’m pretty sure like every artist—you never know if you’re gonna get it, and I don’t think anyone would want to seem confident. But then I started seeing the numbers I was like, “Oh, shit, they really wanna go hard.” It made me feel good, man. I would say the whole Funk Volume, our camp got something special with our fans. If they fuck with you, bro, they gonna go hard. It’s a blessing man, to be honest with you. ‘Cause I remember, shit, like having 80 people liking your shit to having thousands of people digging your shit. It’s a blessing, man. That’s how I look at it, really.

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