Jason Blum Talks “Halloween” Revival, John Carpenter Return

Jason Blum


There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Halloween film franchise is among the largest staples within the horror genre. Despite this, however, the legacy behind the series has come to a standstill since the last installment titled Halloween II, courtesy of Rob Zombie. Although it seemed that no one else would try and reinvent the iconic Michael Myers, one producer is adamant about taking up the challenge. Jason Blum, who produced films such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Ouija, will be taking the franchise to a whole new level. He had this to say concerning his choice to tackle the project,

“I was excited by the challenge of reinventing a great horror title like Halloween. I want to go back to the basics, to what made the 1978 film so effective and scary.”

Now we all know that John Carpenter, the original director of the original Halloween movie, is about as legendary as Myers himself. While he has not been involved in any film production for his sinister character since the first, it only makes sense that someone who has plans to take that legacy and put their own twist on it would want The Horror Master to be involved in some way.

While it isn’t recommended to beg for someone’s help, in Blum’s case, it worked out quite well. According to an exclusive from iHorror, the producer met with John Carpenter at his home and introduced his idea to recreate the Halloween franchise. He is quoted as saying,

“I sat in John’s living room, and I told him that I wanted to reinvent the Halloween film series, and I needed him to be a part of this. I told him, ‘I’m not excited about doing this without you. I need you, and the fans need you.’”

Although the eighty-six year old is currently touring for his music, he will in fact be composing the music for Blum’s film.

Be on the lookout for future details on this upcoming film!

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