Jay Rock Makes Other’s Successful

Jay Rock

Jay Rock, the hip-hop artist from California whose first album was Follow Me Home (2011), released his second album, 90059, earlier this month.  It was through his first album that Rock met Tech N9ne and was allowed to tour with him.  Rock recalls four years after the tour about his time with some of the Juggalos he’d met.  He was surprised that any of the Jay Rock3Juggalos listened to his music.

“I never expect those type of dudes to even listen to my music,” Jay Rock says to Home Grown Radio, “but for one of those Juggalos to come up to me like, ‘Man, that “All My Life” record, man you was talking to me.’ That struck me like, ‘Damn, maybe people, you never know who’s listening and who you might be touching with your music.’ I’m just a nigga out the projects just telling my story. To hear somebody saying they went through the same thing and they love that shit, I was like damn, I’m doing something good.”

Another fellow Top Dawg Entertainment rapper, Kendrick Lamar, got connected Jay Rock2with Dr. Dre because of Rock.  However, Kendrick Lamar is not the only successful story from Rock.  K Dot, Ab-Soul, and ScHoolboy Q all became successful after Rock’s first project.  He recalls their struggles:

“They think this shit just came overnight,” he says. “Naw, trust me, this was a struggle. It was hard work and dedication. Even with the homie Dot, when we first, when we all started out together, Dot was with me, Soul, Q, they was all with me. Wherever I was at, they was at. We always knew what type of talent Dot had before he even blew up, we knew he was something special. So it was like, bam, I’m gonna kick these doors down.”


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