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Jamie Welton of WrestlingNewsWorld has provided a pretty solid preview of Bloodymania 9 coming up in a couple weeks at the Gathering Of The Juggalos.  July 25th marks the date of JCW’s version of WrestleMania.    Jamie gives a quick background of just what JCW is all about and gives a breakdown of the 8 matches on the Bloodymania 9 card.

He gives a breakdown of each match, including letting you know a little about each participant in the match.  The writer has been to a few of them and has a working knowledge of JCW and it shows throughout his preview.  If you are new to JCW and interested in checking out Bloodymania 9, this preview would be a good place to start.  True Juggalo Family will be there to give you some event coverage and maybe a couple interviews leading into it.  We have a lot planned for you so stay tuned.

July 25th 2015 sees the annual Juggalo Championship Wrestling show, Bloodymania 9 take place at the 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. For those not in the know Bloodymania is the JCW equivalent of WWE’s Wrestlemania, where all the big feuds of the past year in the company come to a head and more importantly where JCW brings out the big guns for all to see. I’ve seen Bloodymania live and in person myself in the past, as well as through internet streams and DVD’s (available via www.hatchetgear.com) and can without a doubt say it is one of the highlights of the wrestling calendar for me. If you have ever experienced Bloodymania before, have never heard of it, or are just curious then I’m going to break down the matches on the card to hopefully wet your appetite, and maybe even convince some of you to give it a try and attend the whole Gathering of the Juggalos weekend and experience. JCW may get a negative reference from the wrestling community as just being ‘another hardcore federation’, but JCW is much more than that. JCW is about bringing in the biggest and best names from the world of independent wrestling and putting on amazing and entertaining matches. Don’t let the negative vibes fool you about JCW, it is one of the standout independent promotions in wrestling today!

To view the whole preview click HERE or on the image above!