Jelly Roll and Uncle Kracker’s Music Video Is One┬áVideo You MUST See!

Jelly Roll

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Jelly Roll is a familiar fixture of the Nashville music scene, a guy who has built a solid fan base and local reputation through the good old-fashioned virtues of hard work and being unapologetic himself (which is, as you may notice, a very large, heavily tattooed white guy with an attitude that’s both totally country and totally hip-hop). His music is a celebration of the type of Southern life that is none too sexy to the coastal elites of the world and prefers it that way, as the title of his debut EP Whiskey Weed & Waffle House or the fact that he was enlisted to write the theme song for a TLC reality show about a trailer park (Welcome to Myrtle Manor) might suggest. He describes it as “southern rock, white trash rap.” Maybe that’s not your cup of sweet tea, but at least it’s real.

Sunday Morning,” though, the lead single from his mixtape Hangovers and Hot Chicken (hot chicken being a noted Nashville delicacy), is a song anyone who’s ever had a hangover can relate to: “I swear to God I regret this shit every Sunday / I’m in dire need of a Tylenol and a Gatorade,” Jelly Roll raps, capturing the feeling of total regret that washes over anyone the morning after they’ve had too much to drink, the kind of hangover where you tell yourself you’re never drinking again. But as anyone who’s ever been in that position probably also knows, it was often worth it, and the temptation to have fun tends to stick around after the hangover subsides. “The weekend’s gone I can’t believe it again / But I know on Friday I’ll be drinking again,” Jelly Roll continues.