Jewell Art Boogieman print giveaway!


Hello again, my ninjas!! CameraNinja coming at cha with a new contest!! We here at TJF have given some prints away from our homie Bryan Jewell in the past but now we have a new print to give away!! This one is so dope! Well.. they all are..but..yeah…. Wanna know the rules??


Here’s what you do…

1. Register for the forums.

2. go to the General Discussion forum.

3. Find the thread titled “Jewell Art Giveaway

4. Leave a comment.


That’s it!!! The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 19th. Wanna see the dope ass print I’m talking about??



So seriously.. You don’t want to miss this one. Remember. Go to the forums.. register… find our Jewell Art thread. Comment. Boom. Entered. Good luck ninjas!! Be sure and check back for the announcement of the winner this weekend.



cameraninja copy