JGDWTC (Just Got Down With The Clown): Seven



Wow, we’re already up to the seventh article of my column, Just Got Down With The Clown (JGDWTC).  Last week, I had answered some popular questions that TJF fans wanted to know about me, ShadowRose.  I promised, this week, that I would write about some insight into my journalistic life with TJF.

In the fourth article of JGDWTC, I had mentioned that I was brought on by NaptownMike and began writing articles as a movie reviewer.  I really started writing regularly when NaptownMike and Menace went to the 16th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos this past July.  They were not able to cover all their usual posts, so they asked me for some help.  It ended up allowing me to write regularly for TJF.  I am quite proud of that moment.

So, from there, I would write in my free time, which was a lot of time because it was the summer and I had no job.  Then came college, which brought on a schedule for posting.  Sometimes it’s stressful with all the work, but that is what happens when you have two jobs: school and TJF.  However, I love every minute of the work I do.  Menace and NaptownMike are awesome.  My co-workers, Miss Juggalette, Mizz Monoxide, Witchy, Wilted, and CameraNinja are just as awesome.  Truly, everyone of the members of TJF, those behind the curtain and those that are in front, are family to me and I do not know what I would do without them.

Now, with TJF, we’re coming up with more and more ideas for our fans to get information out and to open up more opportunities for the fam.  One example is the #fanfreshness.  Another example would be the contest that begins Sunday (there’s a link at the bottom).  Lastly, there’s our newsletter that we send out each week.  Be sure to look into each and get involved with TJF for all the awesomeness we’re creating.

Well, I’m off for tonight.  I’ve a head-cold  and need to sleep.  Night fam.

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