Juggalo March Free Show At Jiffy Lube Live in Question

The venue for the Free Concert for the Juggalo March has been booked. However, it’s not by the Insane Clown Posse or Psychopathic Records.

It is in fact, scheduled to have country pop artist Sam Hunt playing there instead.

The controversial march has had quite a few bumps in the road thus far. It has been confirmed by the venue no show is booked at Jiffy Lube Live.


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In addition to the Juggalo march website www.juggalomarch.com , Insane Clown Posse has stated the venue in many articles. They talked about it in Billboard, Spin Magazine and Time to name a few. ICP has stated the show is happening at Jiffy Lube Live. Psychopathic has been pushing the publicity hard for the march, praising their efforts in putting together a free show. These facts have brought up more questions, we have reached out to Psychopathic Records and are awaiting a statement.

Right now the ball is in their court. After the hype of who has declined or accepted their invitations, we are all owed some sort of explanation for the discrepancy. In fact, the artists are owed one immediately since they are expected to pay their own way to the show. Flights and hotels booked and may not be able to be refunded.

What does this mean for the march? Do they have the proper permits to secure the safety of those marching? Did this Venue just fall through? Are they looking for a new site? These are just a few questions in a long list that have arisen after the Faygolouvers Interview with ICP and now the venues response to the booking. We truly do hope that Psychopathic comes out with a statement soon to help answer the questions people now have. But for now we wait.