Editorial: Jim Breuer Cancels Gathering Appearance, No Reason Given

Jim Breuer,Gathering


Not long after speaking on Juggalos during a recent Howard Stern appearance, comedian Jim Breuer cancelled his Gathering appearance.  That isn’t news.  It was reported already.  Here is the troubling thing: no official announcement, no words, just dropped the dates off of his site.  Attempts to reach out to him for an explanation has gone unanswered.  All we have is the tweet below:

Was it a “work”?   All I can say is the timing is awfully sketchy for this juggalo.  Not long after talking about being afraid of going to the Gathering, he cancels?  Then people are defending him saying it’s a work?  I get it, it could be a work.  Trying to be funny.  Like I said above, multiple attempts from multiple people have gone unanswered.

I have yet to come across a juggalo who wasn’t stoked that Jim Breuer was coming to Thornville.  Hell, his act was one of the things I was looking forward to the most.

I guess it’s up to all of us juggalos to find out an answer.  Hit up Jim Breuer on twitter and facebook.  Let him know that you’re disappointed(if ya are), ask him whats up?  I mean if something came up, I get it.  You can’t deny how bad it looks on him to talk about being scared, then cancel soon after.




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