Johnny Richter Responds to DJ Bobby B’s Instagram


Johnny Richter

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Johnny Richter responds to DJ Bobby B’s Instagram in the most realest way ANY person can do when someone talks shit about you. Check out the Instagram post that is going on, and then check out how the whole thing unfolds into a big drama filled mess. Its actually quite interesting. DJ Bobby B’s message on Instagram went a little something like this:

Get it straight . I would NEVER fuck with Richter or the piece of shit zinger.. making and performing music is a special sacred thing and neither one of these guys are honest or have any respect for me or the music.. some of us are true to this art form and others just go through the motions of trying to pull it off. Not against people partying but cocaine pills and alcohol can fuck up an organization and these two have been some of main causes for the crumble of everything. .

Shortly afterwards, Johnny Richter went on to his Facebook and replied to the negative comment made by DJ Bobby B. His response to the negative comment was:

Me and Bob always had our issues but I kinda felt bad for him for a min. Then I read this garbage and that went away real quick. I ain’t gonna turn this into anything because I’m over it but seems as though he still harbors some hatred for me and Zinger. Funny that he still believes everything the guys who kicked him out have been feeding him. Figure that would’ve opened his eyes. Oh well, doesn’t affect me.

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