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(PHOTO: Daniel Ojeda)

Journalist Attends ICP Concert for the First Time

Molly Snyder, a journalist for OnMilwaukee, attended her first and probably only ICP concert at the Turner Hall stop of the Riddle Box tour. Snyder is intrigued by religious groups and has found musical followings to be of a similar breed as they worship their beloved idols like those who worship their various deities. She even had a little stint as a Dead Head in her earlier years. But through her personal research came upon many followings including us Juggalos.

Snyder is the one who wrote the infamous April Fool’s article about a Juggalo Bar opening in the Milwaukee. She used her research of the Juggalo culture to put out the article that is still being tossed about as truth. After this little peek of Juggalo culture she had decided to brave a concert and maybe get a little Faygo Shower while trying to host a Juggalo after-party at a nearby bar.

I don’t think this woman really got the whole picture of what a Juggalo is through her visit but she still got her eyes opened to the Juggalo World. She claims Juggalos are poor Midwesterners. Being she is in the Midwest that is a little skewed since we all know Juggalos are worldwide. It’s not that she is a hater so much as she only has minimal research and a microscopic view of the Family. She was impressed by the Juggalettes and their body confidence finding it refreshing that they could dress how they want no matter what their body size and shape. She also got a dose of Juggalo chants and love for the ICP though she sat so far in the back she didn’t get a good dose of Faygo. Her loss!

icp concert after party

(PHOTO: Molly Snyder)

Her and her crew tried to host a Juggalo after party. Only three ninjas showed up as most Juggalos either didn’t care for the idea or were too busy trying to get home. You know how it is after a show. You’re covered in Faygo and want to just get the fuck out of there. Anyway, she did get a little interview from one long time Juggalo who attended his first ICP concert.

“It was non-stop eruption of emotion,” he said. “The only show I can compare it to was Rage Against the Machine at Alpine Valley in like 2007. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything else like it.”

Well, at least she gave it an open mind and didn’t come out a hater though definitely not a Juggalo either. It’s quite interesting to see how the rest of the world see us and what we find to be the best time of our lives. It is refreshing to see outsiders at least give it a chance. Hey, not everyone is born a Juggalo.

Read about her experience and witness some pictures from her night out as a Juggalo observer at OnMilwaukee.com.

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