Juggalette Looking For Some Help & Love From The Juggalo Family!

How goes it Fam? Check it out, ok so I was checking out my timeline online and came across an article the homies over at Faygoluvers posted recently that caught my eye. It was an article of a Juggalette who is looking for some support. She is trying to raise funds to acquire a stem cell surgery so she can walk again.

Typically, we don’t post people’s fundraisers and kick starters. Ok, let me rephrase that. We are careful about which ones we post. Most of the time, it’s causes that are struggles that we all go through and by posting those open the floodgates. Which in turns causes everyone to ask us to post theirs next. Next thing you know, we are made out to be a bad guy because we have to turn them down. I get it I do, but even when I made one for myself a few months ago, I still didn’t use TJF  to push my own personal agenda. In the words of the homie Kevin Gill, “I digress“.

This Lette, Felicia is trying to get this surgery done so she can maximize the quality of her life. I’ve reached out to her on Facebook but haven’t heard back yet. So I’m hoping she is ok with this but I feel we really can all help her out.

Shit, I understand life is tough for everyone. Hell, it’s tough for me, more than people realize, but we can help her! Even if it is just sharing her story. I mean a share doesn’t cost a damn thing but a few seconds of your time. If everyone who follows TJF on Facebook chipped in one buck, four fucking quarters…. she could have this surgery 19.53 times over. I have firsthand seen the power and strength of the Juggalo community in their giving. We all know the story of Cannibal and Tom and how the numbers of the Juggalo community came together to help and honor these two. Let’s do the same for this Juggalette, this is definitely  a worthy cause. Let’s help her walk again!

Hear Her Story

I was paralyzed by my mother drunk driving at age 10. I am now 28 and I have been approved for stem cell transplant in San Diego. What is stem cell transplant you may ask?? Its definitely not what you may think It is. That means where they would harvest my OWN stem cells out of my body fat and inject them back back into my body for repair. I have a incomplete injury and initially I got back some feeling but not all or enough but with advances in medicine chances I could regain it with stem cell transplant is high !! Also It would help repair my body from the auto immune disease I have crohns.
The only problem is its 15,000. I dont have ANY family and few friends so im reaching out into my community for support. I cant afford this alone so please just please if you have it in your heart and could help me in any way I would be forever grateful.

If you can’t chip in a buck, then please SHARE her story. It will go a long way. We may be the only chance that she has.