Juggalette of the Day

Juggalette of the DayName: Diamond
Wanna tell your Family story?
My Dad played Neden game for me and from that moment there was no turning back for me. I have been down ever since. I have been spit on and had many things thrown at me but it hasnt stopped me from painting my face or listening to them. With every even in my life that brought me to the point that I thought I couldn’t go on it was ICP that has saved me they have been there for me no matter what. Their music has saved my life in ao many ways. In the beginning of May I got to meet them and it was the most amazing moment of my existence! I got to thank them and I broke down when they called me their family. I’ll be down tell the day I die! WCL and Whoop Whoop!
Years Down:
Favorite Faygo :
Rocken Rye
Favorite Artist:
Insane Clown Posse
Favorite Song:
In my room or Neden Game
Favorite Album:
The Wraith
Location (State Only): Washington



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