“Beautiful (Indestructible) Women of the Juggalo World”

A Juggalette Themed Art Exhibit

Juggalette themed Art

A couple weeks ago we dropped the news that Lucy Owen, who is a talented and well-know visual artist with a heart for the Juggalos, is opening a Juggalette themed art exhibit, “Beautiful (Indestructible) Women of the Juggalo World.” Now, today is finally your chance to see it.

The first Juggalo themed exhibit, “Where the Juggalos Roam,” focused on portraying the Juggalo community in a way she felt the main stream didn’t understand. She immersed herself in the culture to get a true feel for what it is to be a Juggalo witnessing first hand what most mock.

This second exhibit she focuses exclusively on the misunderstood female side of the Juggalo culture, Juggalettes. Lucy Owen displays a honest and empowering view of the Juggalettes she witnessed, lived with, and most importantly got to know at the 2014 Gathering and Detroit during her artist’s residences.

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Lucy Owen said in the press release for this show that there is a “top secret project” that apparently involved many Juggalettes the world over. Oh, you know Juggalos like suspense. ICP is all about being mysterious. The hint towards something massive, but not a painting really has one wondering what it could be. This is definitely a must see for any Juggalos and especially Juggalettes in Detroit and the surrounding areas. You have plenty of time to check out the great art. The exhibit will last 16 days. Starting with an opening reception at 6pm tonight the exhibit will run until Dec. 19. The Start Gallery is hosting the exhibit again on the second floor. It is open to everyone free of charge. So, go enjoy some art that isn’t just interesting and beautiful but a representation of true Juggalo culture. As a community Juggalos should really witness this honest portrayal of our culture, our Family.



Juggalettes viewed through an artistic lens at exhibit

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