Here too say hello, is a new member to the show.



(Side note, this is like….5 years old. Ha Ha.)

Hi there! Here I am too introduce myself too anyone and everyone! Thanks for the read and I’m super happy to be here!!!

My name is Tabitha Neumann and I’m 22 years old. I was born in Fernadina, Florida but lived half my life in Shreveport, Lousianna and the other in Longview, Texas. I actually just recently moved too a bigger city outside of Longview. I have dedicated my life to animation, drawing,and singing. Since I was about 10 I’ve been interested in both subjects taking both art and choir every year til I graduated high school 4 years ago. Now I just draw, mainly anime, and post short snippets of my voice on Instagram. Haven’t gotten brave enough to do a full cover, due to confidence and lack of good equipment. Trust me, you sound completely different when recorded…especially by a phone.

I moved in order too start my life actually. New place, new people,and a new plate. Time to go back to school I suppose. I plan on taking business for now, maybe opening my own anime shop in the future but, these are all just ideas. I’m gonna just go with the flow and do what makes me happy, ya feel me?

I’ve been down since 2004, being 11 years old. Ha, well, guess I never really thought about it. My best friend popped in Boogie Woogie Wu by I.C.P and I just loved it! They’re humor was what caught me and they’re community and love is what kept me. I mean, every group has it’s “bad people” but, I love all my Fam. I honestly owe it all to my best friend, my real homie, who’s been down with the clown since birth via her mother and down with me for 13 years!

Now, I’d have to admit, most don’t tag me as a Lette when they first meet me. I’m honestly different from most Lettes when it comes too personality and taste in certain things, not saying all Lettes have to be a certain way! I just haven’t met any that were into most things I also enjoy. The only rap I listen too is in fact, I.C.P and old jams from back when I lived in The Projects in Shreveport LA. I’m actually heavy into contemporary jazz like Joey Pecoraro and Tom Waits. But, hey, I don’t mind jamming out to I.C.P and screaming cuss words from time to time. One of my favorites too scream (other than Chop Chop Slide) is definantly Over A Bitch.




Tea time and a good book are also a big part of my life. Days off in a thunderstorm and a hot cup of Chai are things I live for. Speaking of things I live for, as I said before, is mainly anime. My top favorites being One Piece, Tenga Toppen Gurren Lagann, Genshiken, and Beck Mongolian Chop Squad. Just too name a few. I LOVE Big Money Rustlas and Hustlas!!! Adore those movies, watch em every chance I get. Along with any Jay and Silet Bob movie!!

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On the main topic of my Juggalette Life I run a small Facebook Page dedicated mainly too the Biography of I.C.P under the name of the book :Violent J Behind The Paint. It’s there just to bring the community together and also, too discuss things they really enjoyed about the book.   My favorite Faygo flavor would have to be Dr. Faygo and Pineapple Orange. I just can’t choose!! I already mentioned my favorite movies….hm. My favorite album? Well, honestly I can’t choose because my favorite songs are so spread out. The one I honestly enjoy the most often happens to be Bang Pow Boom but, like I said I have too many other songs that I like from different albums so I can’t choose. My top Three would probobly by Boogie Woogie Wu (for nostalgic reasons), Chop Chop Slide, and I’m Your Killer. To be honest I don’t even think thats a hundred percent true because I love all of their music so much. Sadly, I couldn’t get into any other artist from P.R’s but, I tried. Just wasn’t my thing.
Well,that’s it for now!!! Thanks for reading and I’m so happy to be apart of the team.


Heres another bonus~ A Great song sung by the great Shaggy 2 Dope!