Juggalo Day Review from the Eyes of a Detroit Music Critic

juggalo day review, juggalo day weekend 2016

Tracy Heck

Tracy Heck, Detroit Live Music Examiner, detailed her visit to the second day of Juggalo Day Weekend which featured the Ringmaster Show, Molly Gruesome, Mushroom Head, Esham, and a surprise appearance by Twiztid. Her critique as a general concert goer/examiner is very detailed and seems to be an event she really enjoyed. Read her review below or at Examiner.com.

Last weekend, Insane Clown Posse once again celebrated Juggalo Day in Detroit with a special couple of days full of entertainment with huge shows at Saint Andrews Hall and Harpos, a water bottle drive for Flint and a number of other activities created by the fans from an ice cream social to a tailgate to a pizza party.

On Friday evening at Saint Andrews Hall, ICP joined members of Three 6 Mafia for a performance from their side project The Killjoy Club. Eazy-E’s son Lil E, with NWA’s DJ Yella, Mastamind, Lil Wyte and Tha Have Knots (ABK, Big Hoodoo, and Bonez Dubb) also performed along with some JCW wrestling.

Saturday night was the main event at Harpos where ICP took to the stage to perform their entire second album, Ringmaster, which was released back in 1994. The performance was a treat for long-time fans as many of the songs hadn’t been performed in years and the sold-out show found many fans traveling from all over to witness the event.

Molly Gruesome kicked off the evening followed by a solid performance from Swag Toof. That’s when the evening really kicked into gear as Flint’s own metal band, King 810, hit the stage and did a great job of getting the crowd going with a big mosh pit.

Psychopathic Record’sYoung Wicked was up next and took to the stage with pig-masked, red-robed additions behind him. Young Wicked served up a hard-hitting set with furious flow which was a nice contrast sandwiched between two hardcore metal sets.

Next it was time for a Harpos staple in Mushroomhead, who immediately blew up the stage with “Qwerty” and “Our Apologies” and just kept the momentum going from there pulling out hits like “Sun Doesn’t Rise” and their unique cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”.

Another treat for long-time ICP fans was the fact that classic Detroit underground rap artist, Esham, came out to perform for the show. Years ago, during a brief period when Esham was signed to Psychopathic Records, they had a falling out but apparently they have smoothed things over and it was nice to see one of ICP’s, and Detroit’s hip hop scene in general, biggest influences take to the stage with them once again.

With a packed to capacity crowd, Esham took to the stage amongst loud cheers and excitement and pulled out a set filled with some of his biggest songs including “The Wicketsh*t Will Never Die”, “My Homie Got Shot”, “Word After Word”, “Sunshine”, “Woo Woo Woo” and “One Day”. Esham also brought out Mastamind to perform some of their Natas tracks.

ICP is known for taking awhile to get their stage set up so after Esham’s set ended, most of the crowd wandered off to grab a drink, check out merch or hit the restrooms so when Twiztid’s music suddenly started up and the pair hit the stage for a surprise set, it was a mass stampede back to the floor as the entire crowd went nuts.

Keeping to the old-school feel of the evening, the duo kept to some classic hits, opening with “2nd Hand Smoke” and pulling out “Mutant X”, “We Don’t Die”, “Different” and “Rock The Dead”.

Now with the crowd buzzing, the strains of “Wax Museum” hit with Mike E. Clark on stage spinning as ICP took to the stage and blew the roof off with “Murder Go Round” before pulling out the original version of “Chicken Huntin”. As the set moved on, it was clear that the duo was feeding off of the crowd’s energy and relishing the chance to play some rare tracks.

“Mr. Johnson’s Head” found Violent J triumphantly displaying a head prop to the crowd’s enjoyment and they had the crowd jumping along with “Who Asked You”. The pair pulled out some epic dancing for the hilarious “”Bugz on My Nutz” and wrapped things up with “House of Mirrors”.

ICP closed out the evening with “”Ringmaster’s Word” as all of the bands returned to the stage to help drench the crowd in Faygo.

It’s no wonder she had fun. ICP puts on one hell of an amazing show. Everyone wants to be drenched in Faygo deep down. Don’t they? Stay tuned to TJF for our staffs personal reviews with pictures and videos and all that bomb ass shit. We have waaaaaaaaaaaaay more awesome pics than this reviewer plus that dope Juggalo flavor.

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