Juggalo Day Weekend 2017 Confirmed To Be In Florida!!!

Although it is now the last official day of Gathering 17 festivities, one event that has held the most juggalo attention since the very beginning is the Insane Clown Posse seminar. Wigs were blown all over the place from the intense amount of devastating news dropped earlier today, but one bit of information that juggalos received was the location of Juggalo Day Weekend 2017! We all want it to be held in a spot closest to wherever we may live, but since it’s clear that this isn’t possible, the Clowns evidently decided to show East Coast juggalos some love. Confirmed by Violent J himself, the 2017 Juggalo Day Weekend will be held in Florida!

It isn’t clear exactly where in Florida the event is expected, but just know that when it gets down to it, you’d better figure out the best route to the sunshine state. Whoop whoop!

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