Majik Majik Ninjas Whut?!

If you recall a few days ago we posted an article about a Ninja whos hat went missing at the Gathering of the Juggalos. I knew once enough family was reached we would all come together and find it! Sure enough, not even two days the hat has been located!!! Aparently who ever took it decided it was a bad idea and threw it into someone elses campsite. So while cleaning up their campsite the Juggalos picked it up and kept it. Thanks to everyone sharing they were able to locate the owner. Here is a message from him to everyone we would like to share.

“**PLEASE SHARE** Today is one of those days where you sit back and reflect that you must be doing something in this world right because the universe was one my side today. Early this morning I received news from Philly, PA that MY HAT HAS BEEN FOUND!!! Yup yup my hat has been found. I truly can’t believe it. A huge shout out to all the people who shared my story in an effort to get my hat back home. There were like 300 people who shared the story and you all are amazing in my book. Now I know it’s just a hat but I feel like there’s people out there who know it’s so much more than that. If you get it you get it , if you don’t you don’t. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. Special shout outs to Scotty D from Faygoluvers and Michelle Rios Chulita Howell of True Juggalo Family for getting the word out. That’s some real family shit. Especially since the hat is only sentimental to one person. Y’all helped just to help and I love you for it. And he’s not on Facebook but the biggest shout out of them all to Aiden of the scrubs crew for finding my hat ,you my friend are the shit! Thank you Family I owe you one!! MCL Juggalos!!”





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