juggalo gathering website countdown

Juggalo Gathering Website Countdown

Oh the ticking clock! Get your shit in gear. The 17th Gathering is on it’s way! The Gathering website is live though not too lively yet. If you go to JuggaloGathering.com right now you’ll get 3 things. First off you’ll see the flyer above. This next year’s Gathering is the all important 17th! It will be in Thornville, Ohio, again, on July 20th – 23rd. Check out the little ninja in the lower right corner. Last year was the “year of the Juggalo.” Is this going to be the year of the ninja? I don’t know about that. But I am willing to guess some ninjas are going to get that ninjaman tattooed somewhere on their body. The only other features of the website, at the moment, are a countdown to the official relaunch if the website and the thank you video psychopathic made for the family who attended last year’s Gathering.

Juggalo Gathering 2015: Thanks Ninjas!


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