Port Charlotte Juggalo gets facepaint tat removed for career and family

john coons

Chad Oliver from NBC2 out of Port Charlotte recently caught up with John “MrBallz” Coons. He is the ninja who about 3 years ago got a facepaint tat of Boondox. Boondox is John’s favorite artist. After getting word about the NBC video segment, I decided to reach out to John personally to get his unfiltered take on all of this. After talking to him, I can’t help but commend him for doing what’s best for his family and his career. Let’s take a look at what he had to say.

TJF:Looking back would you have had a different decision?

John: Let me foremost get this out of the way. I have NEVER once said that I regret getting this tattoo on my face. No, I wouldn’t have made a different decision. That was and is who I am. I live how I want to live. Did society accept my choice? There were mixed feelings across the board. Some folks said they admired my bravery and others said it was stupid. I held two fantastic jobs after getting it and was able to support my family comfortably.

I commend you for doing what’s best for your career and your family. How has your life changed since you got the tattoo a few years back? Does the juggalo family support the decision?

Shortly after I got it I met my wife. She had never known me without the tat. Like I said though I had a job when I got it done and had the same job for two and a half years after the fact. When I left that job I was able to get another one fairly quickly. The way I look on the outside doesn’t change who I am inside or the skill sets that I have.

As far as Fam goes, I am not on any social media so I don’t know how they feel. My wife showed me that Boondox sent out a TWEET saying “I appreciate this dude, but he has a life to live.” (loosely quoted from memory).


What would you say to another Juggalo who is considering getting a similar facepaint tat?

I considered my decision thoroughly before i got it done. To the Los and Lettes considering a tatt similar, make sure you’re ready for all that comes with it. I live in a small town where a facepaint tat is almost taboo so when you get the stares and the whispers and the whole “You need to find GOD” rabble just be prepared to have some thick skin and don’t ever live up to the stereotype that a person with a face tat is bad or evil.

Are you going to catch Boondox on the Welcome to the Underground tour?

I don’t think the tour comes to FL. My wife usually stays up on when our faves come to our part of the country. As for Boondox, I love the music, the persona of the scarecrow, and even though he offered me free tix for life I’ve never looked for them. I am a huge fan.

I hope all your treatments go quick and as painless as possible.

Quick hopefully but it is really painful. But I am in this till it’s over. The tat took 5 sessions over 5 weeks and it was painful. I was committed to getting it and now I am committed to getting it removed. No love lost though. I have been a down ass JUGGALO since 1996 and still am to this day.

Well ninja I’ll let you get back to your day. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.


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