mind of a psycho, juggalo horror movie

Mind of a Psycho, A Juggalo Horror Movie by the Fam for the Fam

Mind of a Psycho, a Juggalo horror movie, will be hitting select theaters and Netflix July 28. You will also be able to purchase the movie on DVD and Bluray. As of right now it will only be shown in Ohio theaters in the towns of Middletown, Dayton, Westchester and in the Andover Drive-in. If you’re interested in a DVD or Bluray you can order by messaging them through their Facebook page.

This bone-chilling saga stars three undead Juggalos back from Purgatory looking for revenge. These cannibal clowns are after those who hate on their Juggalo Family. Along the way they befriend a group of vampires dubbed the Lost Girlz.

Check out the official trailer below. If you’re in Ohio make sure to check out the movie in theaters. Otherwise, it will be available on Netflix.

Mind of a Psycho Trailer

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